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Curiosity Call

Book a Free Curiosity Call to

discover more about me and my approach, engage in discussions about your challenges and goals, ask questions and explore whether we're a good match for your specific needs.


Serenity with Self
NLP Session

Join me for a transformative two-hour session where we'll delve into the depths of unravelling the roots of your personal struggles with compassion and understanding. By bridging the gap between science-backed NLP and the richness of your life experiences, we create a space for true transformation.


Serenity with Self

Themed and customized packages of multiple Transformational NLP Sessions along with extra support and bonuses.


"This experience felt like a journey deep within myself to uncover parts of me that were ignored or forgotten. By the end of the session, I felt so much lighter like a weight had been taken off of me."


"The session exceeded my expectations because 1. it not only helped me discover some unresolved feelings and the root causes behind why my thoughts had certain patterns, but 2. it helped me overcome conditioning I experienced as a child that kept me in those patterns."


"I feel a deep appreciation for you from our last session together because I have experienced resolution in my spirit along with a closer connection to the younger parts of me".

A little about me

Hi, I'm Delilah Abaya. I'm a Certified Transformational NLP Practitioner in the San Francisco Bay Area.

I help you gain clarity on what it is you would like in your life using the abundant toolbox from the realm of Neurolinguistic Programming. Utilizing my experience as a Yoga teacher, as well as my own life experience participating in and facilitating safe spaces, I guide you to a deep understanding of yourself and what conditioning and programming is in conflict with what you truly desire at the subconscious level. 


My focus is on holding a compassionate understanding of all parts of you, allowing space for unexpressed emotions to be seen and heard, and nurturing what shows up to allow for you to find Serenity with Self. 

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